cut the sheets in 2 equal semicircles

I made a Plastic Bag-honeycomb ball!

Here you can see step by step how to do a honeycomb-ball made out of plastic bags. Honeycombs balls are usually made out of paper and there are a lot of really good tutorials out there:

Once you know more or less how to do it with papel, you can try to do one with plastic bags!

*IMPORTANT: this project is about upcycling: using discarded/used materials to make something that has (at least for you) a higher emotional value. Also, in this process there is not a huge amount of energy involved (like with down- and recycling) just you and your crafts powers 🙂 If you don’t have enough plastic bags be patient and wait to have more or if not collect them from friends, neighbors, family, stores, trash bins etc.