Some impressions from the Feminist Repair Café | NGBK Workshop

Thanks to all who came to the Feminist Repair Cafe on Saturday, 21. May, and big thanks to the No play – feminist training camp group for making it possible! (check the Facebook event)

On Saturday, 21. May I organized the first feminist Repair Café in the exhibition space of the NGBK, Berlin. With experts Elektra & Flora Könemann.

Together we tried to repair small appliances like broken radios, lamps, headphones, tea kettles, CD players, hand blenders, mobile phones, etc (no printers / TVs / amplifiers – because there is not enough time and we don’t have the appropriate tools). Every participant could bring 1 to 2 broken things.

*** Why a Feminist Repair Café? ***
Without the volunteering “experts” the Repair Cafés would not exist. But unfortunately there is still too often the case that men are reinforced as experts of soldering iron and women in repairing the sewing machines. In our Feminist Repair Café we want to break these gender structures and create a space where women, lesbians, Inter and Trans* people would also engage and stand in the foreground of the electric field and act as “experts”; where they help each other in repairing stuff and inspire others to take on this otherwise male dominated area.

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