Upcycling Plastic Bags in La Comanda a Granel, Valencia (Spain)

My friends form la Comanda a granel in Valencia asked me to give an informative and creative workshop with and about plastics bags. La Comanda is a concept store that tries to sell their groceries with the least pakaging possible. They encourage their customers to bring their own empty container and refill them there.

We had two really cosy evenings and discussed about the advantages and problems of plastics. Afterwards we had two hours to be creative, experimenting and designing of our own products made out of plastic bags.

It was interesting to see the huge amount of plastic bags La Comanda collected for the workshops in just two days! Friends and customers had been passing by and giving away their old plastic bags. We had way too many for our workshop, even though each participant used only an average of 3 to 5 plastic bags. This shows how people like to hold on to their old plastic bags and collect them and reuse them in their kitchens, but also how we still have to work more intensively in the reduction of the amount of plastic bags we take in the first place from supermarkets and stores (as we can’t upcycle all the trash we produce 😉 )